Typing Tutor for Marathi Mangal

Unicode Font-based Mangal Typing Tutor is an excellent tool for improving typing speed and accuracy. This version supports Inscript keyboard, making it ideal for cracking Government Examinations. Learning typing without a tool or tutor is quite challenging. Typing Guru's typing tutor comes into play to solve this problem. The tutor goes step by step, making typing learning easier.

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Online Version

The Typing Tutor has a keyboard and finger indicator to guide typing the right key. It helps in building speed, improves typing accuracy, and hence makes more productive. The software monitors typing speed, measured in words per minute (wpm), and accuracy percentage.

The Typing Tutor includes 13 sessions, each consisting of three lessons. The first lesson focuses on characters, the second lesson on words, and the third lesson on paragraphs. In the first and second lessons, the tutor helps in finding the right key required to be pressed, but in the third lesson, the user has to find the key on their own.

The Typing Tutor allows users to adjust the time for a particular lesson or the entire session by a single button click, varying from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. This feature helps users apply more time to a specific lesson or all lessons.

The Typing Tutor also includes three types of learn-type games, making the learning process fun and interactive.

This software comes with lifetime validity for 1 PC and one year of support. The Typing Tutor is highly recommended for students preparing for typing exams for government jobs.

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tutor for Marathi Mangal Devanagari Inscript typing tutor for Marathi Mangal Devanagari Inscript typing training for Marathi Mangal Devanagari Inscript typing training for Marathi Mangal Devanagari Inscript