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About Typing Tutor Online & Desktop Version.

  • Learn Touch Typing for improving Speed and Accuracy
  • Prepare for Typing Test with Paragraphs
  • Learn Typing with Characters, Words and Paragraphs Variations
  • Supports Hindi Mangal Remington Gail, Inscript, Punjabi Raavi, Asees & English
  • Keyboard highlighting shows correct finger placement
  • Calculates net and gross words per minute WPM
  • Perform Typing Speed Test
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78+ Lessons in Online Tutor Per Language

online typing test
100+ Typing Exam Lessons
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Supports 5 Languages Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil & English

online typing tutor software

Online & Offline Typing Tutor Software

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Performance Tacker Words Per Minute

typing tutor online

Interactive Learning & Practice for Beginners & Advanced Users

Why Buy Full Version !

Full version will unlock all lessons. Practice and Learn typing for Government Exams. We are providing offline and online versions. Offline version has unlimited validity for single PC and online version has limited validity with multi computer access. Below are the details regarding buying typing guru.

online typing test

Online Version

Both Tutor and Exam Practice facility. Supports mutiple Languages & Multi User Access with single account.

Multi Computer Access
Added Tutor and Exam Practice Facility
Supports Multiple Languages
Tracks Performance for futher Assessment
No Installation is Required
Suports Hindi Remington Gail, Punjabi Raavi Hindi Krutidev Punjabi Asees Hindi Mangal Inscript Marathi Devanagari Inscript Tamil Bamini Typing Exam Practice Software
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Offline Version

Works without Internet and Easy to install. Works on Single Computer with Unlimited Validity

Single Computer Access
Tutor and Exam Practice Software to be installed Seperately
Unmimited Validity
Shows Result on Completion on every Lesson
Installation is Required
Supports Hindi Remington Gail, Punjabi Raavi Hindi Krutidev Hindi Mangal Inscript Typing Exam Practice Software
About Typing Tutor

Online Tutor and Test Application requires internet connection and can used on multiple computers with single account. Facility of both Tutor and Practice Test is added in single application. It supports languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil & English with single account. It also track and saves user performance for further assessment. It is easy to run and manage as no installation is required in running online typing tutor. Offline Typing Tutor Software works without internet and easy to install. Typing Test software has to be installed separately. All the offline typing tutor software's supports single language. After buying the key works on single PC as compared to online typing tutor works on multiple PC's with single account.

About Android Based Typing Tutor

Now you can use typing tutor on Android phone for Hindi, Punjabi and English. This Android Application designed for Hindi Mangal Remington Gail, Kruti Dev, Punjabi Raavi, Asees and English. For running this app external USB keyboard and OTG cable is required. This app is for starters and intermediate users. In this App one can learn how to type with proper finger placement. An interactive keyboard highlighting correct key to be typed is provided. For correct positioning of fingers on keyboard a hand image with indicator is allow provided.

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