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Hindi Punjabi Typing Tutor for Android Phone

Now you can use typing tutor on android phone for Hindi, Punjabi and English. This android app designed for Hindi Mangal Remington Gail, Kruti Dev, Punjabi Raavi, Asees and English. For running this app external USB keyboard and OTG cable is required. This app is for starters and intermediate users. In this App one can learn how to type with proper finger placement. An interactive keyboard highlighting correct key to be typed is provided. For correct positioning of fingers on keyboard a hand image with indicator is allow provided.

For learning Typing we have provided 3 sections. Character Typing, Word Typing & Paragraph Typing.

In character typing lesson characters user will learn and remember the placement of characters on keyboard. In addition to this it also teaches finger placement on keyboard. In Word Typing user will learn word formation and in paragraph lesson no help provided. It is like a test the user have to give after each lesson. In this way user can check its performance.

For Typing Test :-

If the user feels that he/she is comfortable in typing then one should go for Typing Exam section. A paragraph in provided in top and below one has to type seeing the top paragraph. At end when the time ends or paragraph is completed result is shown. One can check its performance like Gross words per minute (WPM), Net words per minute, Accuracy percentage and much more.

For Installing Typing Tutor for Android Phone click Download Button or scan QR Code :-

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