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Download free typing tutor for English qwerty. This is offline version based on Typing Master free to use. Learn English Typing in 15 days. Typing Tutor is Unlimited usage for lifetime.

English version comes free to download. Type English without seeing keyboard. Lessons include with tying practice with shift keys.

Download Free Typing Tutor for English Download

This software helps in clearing Government Exams. The first lesson of the typing tutor focuses on characters, the second on words, and the third on paragraphs. In the first and second lessons, the tutor helps the user find the right key required to be pressed, but in the third lesson, the user has to find it on their own. The placement of the hand on the keyboard can be understood by the picture of the hand placed at the bottom of each lesson. The picture indicates by drawing a circle on a particular finger to be used to press a key on the keyboard.

The typing tutor allows the user to change the time for a particular lesson or for the entire lesson with just one button click, varying from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. This helps the user to apply more time to a particular lesson or all the lessons. In addition to the typing lessons, Typing Guru offers multiple free typing games, including Bubbles, WordTris, and Clouds. These games help the user focus their mind towards words with ease and fun.

Overall, this free typing tutor for English is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy. The offline version allows for unlimited usage for a lifetime, making it a valuable tool to have. To download this free typing tutor for English with QWERTY keyboard support, click on the link below.

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