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Learning Tamil Typing is easy now using Typing Guru Software. This software is for new users who have just started learning Tamil Typing and for those want to practice for typing test. This tutor works with Bamini font. This tutor helps in remembering characters positions on keyboard which makes for faster typing. Its becomes difficult without for ones to learn typing without any tutor software. This tutor works characters, words and paragraphs for remembering and formation of words. One can set time of typing tutor lessons 5 mins to 30 mins. After learning typing one can check its wpm speed using typing test. One can practice with ready paragraphs loaded in tutor.

Typing Test Practice :-

Typing speed and accuracy plays important role in clearing typing test. It is difficult to check accuracy and typing speed without proper tool. So how one can use Ms Word for checking typing speed for Tamil as it can show errors. So to over come this problem Typing Guru’s typing master comes as a solution. Both the tools checks typing speed and accuracy. It also finds errors made during typing test. In typing test one has to measure gross wpm (words per minute) , net wpm, accuracy percentage. The above tool mentioned above do all for you. After completion of test, the paragraph typed by you will be compared with given paragraph. Word by word right, wrong, left and extra words are shown in result test.

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