Download Typing Tutor Test for Hindi & Punjabi

Get the Typing Tutor Test for Hindi and Punjabi today. This software supports Hindi Mangal Remington GAIL, Mangal Inscript, Hindi Krutidev, Punjabi Raavi, Asees Font, and Tamil Bamini Font. Improve your typing speed and accuracy by practicing with this user-friendly software. Download now and start your typing journey.

Hindi Mangal Unicode Supports Remington Gail Keyboard Layout Download
Punjabi Raavi Supports Raavi Font Download
Hindi Mangal Unicode Supports Inscript Keyboard Layout Download
Hindi Kruti Dev with Typing Exam Practice Software Download
Punjabi Asees Font Typing Tutor Download
Tamil Typing Tutor for Bamini Font Download
Marathi Typing Tutor for Mangal Devanagari Download
English (Free Full Version) With QWERTY Keyboard Layout Download
Typing Test / Practice Software Supported for Mangal Font with Remington Gail, Inscript, Krutidev, Punjabi Raavi & English Download
Punjabi Fonts Download
Hindi Fonts Download